Social media on your terms.

Join the fediverse from your own custom domain without the hassle of maintaining a server.

Everything you need to connect with friends, news, and more in the fediverse.

Using your own domain means you're always in control. Move to a service that suits your needs without the risk of proprietary lock-in. Keep your followers and the poeple you follow.
Your social media. Your way.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Plans that fit whatever you need. Join as an individual or sign up the whole company.

Bot Plan

Use API access to automatically send notes. Can follow accounts but cannot view timeline.

$3 per month

  • Use your custom domain
  • Write-only access
  • High rate-limits on API calls
  • No ads
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Standard Plan

Join the fediverse from your own domain with all features.

$8 per month

  • Use your custom domain
  • Multiple account support
  • Follow others and let others follow you
  • Use any Mastodon-compatible app
  • Access to all features
  • No ads
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Enterprise Plan

For everyone to share your organization's domain.

$12 per month per account

  • Use your custom domain
  • Organization management
  • Single Sign On support
  • API and app access to all accounts
  • Business hours email support
  • No ads

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, send us a note to and we'll get back to you.

    • Can I move my current account to Comal and keep my followers and history?

      Yes. We don't want you to start new when you sign up for Comal. We provide the ability to transfer your former account seasmlessly.

    • Can I move my Comal account to another service and keep my followers?

      Yes. We want you to keep using Comal because you love it, not because you're locked in.

    • Can I use my favorite Mastodon and fediverse apps to access Comal?

      Yes. Our favorites are Ivory, Ice Cubes, and Tusker.

    • Does Comal work with Mastodon?

      Comal both sends and receives message from Mastodon instances. If you want the technical details, Comal uses ActivityPub to communicate with other servers.

    • Is this hosted Mastodon?

      No. We don't want you deal with the frustration of administering an instance. An account on Comal does not require you to be an administrator.

    • Is this rebranded Mastodon?

      No, Comal is its own service that allows you to easily join the fediverse from your own domain.